The Vision – February 2015

From the Pastor’s desk:

A Call to Gather
This newsletter goes out to members old and young, those who have been members of Grace of St. Paul for their whole lives, and those who have only been members for a month or two. The call of Jesus to “come and see” which was issued to the first disciples by the Jordan River is the call we all receive to come and hear God’s Word and partake of the sacrament of Holy Communion week after week. That is a call which I rejoice in following as we receive God’s grace together. It is a call which I know is important to many of you by the witness of your regular presence in the Lord’s house.

There is a specific call to gather which I am issuing with this note. Both Grace and St. Paul will gather on Sunday, February 22, 2015 after our worship services. This will be the annual meeting of each congregation where we review our ministry during the past year and look forward to the ways we are called to discipleship and mission in our communities for this year. Please put the date on your calendar and plan to attend worship and the meeting. We will thank those concluding their service on congregation council and welcome our new officers and council members. We will have an opportunity to get to know new members better, and we will challenge each other to more fully live into our call to be disciples in our families, our neighborhoods and our world. I look forward to seeing all of you at our meeting!

God’s peace be with you!
Pastor David Byerly