The Vision – July 2015

from the pastor’s desk

Jesus called the twelve and began to send them out two by two. Mark 6:7

There is safety in numbers. It is the season of venturing out and exploring God’s creation during the summer as we work in the flower beds and gardens, as we play baseball and other sports, as we go camping and hiking and taking our family vacations on the road or on a cruise ship or in the air. It is always much more satisfying to share our adventures with someone else than it is to go it alone.

This is the same with our callings as God’s people. God does not want us to go it alone; we have been created for community and life together with others. As Jesus sent out his disciples into the towns of Galilee to share the Gospel, he sent them out in teams of at least two people together. We are to model that method in everything we do in our congregations. We learn how to cooperate with each other and work together when we share in the responsibilities, the joys and the sorrows of life. It is also for accountability and support that we work together doing those things God calls us to do.

So let us venture forth into this wonderful world God has given us, hand in hand, joyfully experiencing the gift of each new day!

Go in peace and share the good news! Thanks be to God!

Pastor David Byerly