The Vision – October 2015

from the pastor’s desk

First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because your faith is proclaimed throughout the world. Romans 1:8

Yes, I, like St. Paul thank God for all the people I am called to serve in this parish and in this community. Most of all I thank God that I am able to serve the Church of Jesus Christ our Lord in its Lutheran expression in this particular part of God’s kingdom! What a joy it is, and I thank you especially for all of your recent expressions of “Happy Birthday” as my 60th birthday happened a few weeks back. It is a joy to serve among you at Grace and St. Paul Lutheran churches.

One of the joys of being your pastor is delving into the scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions at council meetings and other gatherings in our life together. It is with a great sense of trust and joy that those who serve and worship together in our parish are able to laugh and pray and discuss together what this Christian faith means to us. It is important that we share in our life of faith in a commitment to regular attendance at worship and other church events. We get to know one another and learn to listen to one another, even if we come down at different places on touchy subjects. Our gatherings and discussions need to be civil and respectful.

In order to continue to practice our mutual respect for one another, I am inviting you all to attend the adult portion of our “Sunday School on Thursdays” as we work through Paul’s letter to the Romans. There is a message of hope and salvation for all people in this letter, and we can learn not to judge one another or condemn those who might not be like us. I look forward to our continued respectful conversations, and also to some opportunities to laugh and experience joy together!

God’s peace be with you,

Pastor David Byerly