The Vision – March 2016

Early on the first day of the week, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene came to the tomb….. John 20:1

So begins the story we rely on for our very lives! So begins the story that is central to our life together in our churches. The Easter story is the reason we gather week after week on Sunday mornings (the first day of the week) to worship and give thanks to God for nurturing and sustaining us throughout our lives, from the moment we are conceived until the moment we die and enter into eternal life with God. Our life is connected with this story of how God has shown us how much we are valued and loved.

How can we live out the story in our time and place? There are countless ways we are called to share the gifts and talents we have been given as we fulfill our vocations. And we see life unfold not only in our careers but also in our families, our hobbies and travel and volunteer work and any other pursuits that show us how God has gifted us with this fascinating life we share. There is only one sure way to keep all of this complex life in perspective, and that is to focus on the One who has created us and everything around us!

Yes, we must gather to hear the stories again and again. We must pray together and sing together and learn together what it means to follow Jesus Christ, who has shown us the fullness and love of Almighty God. That means coming to worship every Sunday, not whenever it fits our busy schedules, as this culture around us has determined is okay. That means coming to Holy Week services, even if it seems like too much of an effort to attend one or the other congregation’s service. Gather and hear the promises.

The body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ strengthen you, and keep you in his grace!

In Christ’s service,
David M. Byerly