The Vision – April 2016

The Lord is Risen! He is Risen, indeed!

We are celebrating Easter for 50 days from Easter Sunday through Pentecost Sunday. Of course, we worship on Sundays because every Sunday is a little bit of Easter, as we remember that our Lord Jesus Christ was raised from the dead on a Sunday morning.

We will be reading passages from John’s Gospel through this whole season, including the scene along the lake when Jesus is grilling fish for the disciples, and they sit down together for a breakfast and teaching about how we are called to live out our faith in the midst of challenges and even persecution. Sadly, that persecution because of faith is not gone from our modern world. Our prayers on Good Friday asked for God’s help in moving past religious persecution as we model and share the unity that God desires for us all.

We also focus on The Acts of the Apostles during the Sundays of Easter. The readings from Acts remind us of how the early Church developed with the spread of the good news of the Resurrection. We are inspired by the outreach of those first witnesses to the resurrection, and we are called to continue that work in our community and in our world. We can be considered to be “Acts 29” people. If you look into your Bible, you will see that the book of Acts has 28 published chapters. It is our call to continue to do those acts in our lives that help to write the story of Christianity. Let us seek God’s guidance as we answer the call to live out our discipleship day by day.

In Christ’s service,
David M. Byerly