The Vision – May 2016

From Easter to Ordinary Time

First of all, ordinary time does not mean boring or routine. In the church, ordinary time is the time when the paraments are green and we focus on our life of discipleship together. It is ordered time measured out as time after Epiphany or time after Pentecost. At the end of May we will be in ordinary time.
What happens from the beginning of May until the end? We are now celebrating the weeks of Easter, which remind us that every Sunday is a little Easter. Jesus was raised from the dead on Sunday. This year we finish out our Easter season in May, then we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit in a new way as we hear the stories from scripture and decorate our churches with red on Pentecost Sunday. Then, the next week we contemplate the mystery of the Holy Trinity and give thanks for the various ways God has been made known to us in our world and in our lives. In the midst of all of these celebrations is a Thursday festival – The Ascension – which we will consider during one of our Sunday worship services.

The best way to understand the rhythms of the Church Year is to attend worship regularly. In our society the meaning of regular attendance at worship has shifted to once or twice a month. This trend is quite unfortunate for a number of reasons. People who do not attend weekly worship are not fed and nourished by God’s Word and the sacrament of Holy Communion. There is also a sense of people not being literate in the scriptures when not engaged with them weekly at church and daily at home. The life of our congregations depend on your showing up! Let’s renew our zeal for for the praise and worship of God Almighty, who has given us the gifts of forgiveness and life eternal. There is no greater gift!

In Christ’s service,
David M. Byerly