The Vision – June 2016

The Time After Pentecost
Some thoughts from Dr. Mark Oldenburg, professor at Gettysburg Seminary:

“When the Sundays of the non-festival season are numbered ‘after Pentecost,’ that time becomes known by (among other names) the season of Pentecost… [This season] has its own fidelity and usefulness. As a time dedicated to the growth of the church (as indicated by its green color), it is indeed the ‘time of the Spirit,’ when the gifts of the Spirit are honed and put into use.”

“For us as for the disciples, Sunday remains a time to meet in the presence of the Resurrected Lord. Sunday is not a time to remember Jesus in his absence, simply calling to mind his teachings, example, and promises. Rather, Jesus’ promise is that, when we call to mind his life and his teaching, he will not be absent. He will be present in evangelism and initiation (Matthew 28:20) and in the reconciliation of Christians to one another (Matthew 18:20). And since he has bound himself so intimately with the church, he is as present in that assembly as I am in my own body (1 Corinthians 12).”

“Most clearly, if Jesus is the Word of God, God’s own self-revelation, then Jesus is present whenever God is self-revealed. Therefore, Christ is not only present and active in every interchange of faithful witness, in every inspired reading of the Scriptures, and in every act of service done in Jesus’ name (since these are all ways in which God is self-revealed). In particular, Christ is present when the church gathers for proclamation and petition, to hear and respond to God’s Word, to receive that revelation audibly and visibly.”

Do you see why it is so important to be in church every Sunday? Jesus is there!

In Christ’s service,
David M. Byerly