The Vision – Summer 2016

Our Partnership in Ministry

The councils of both Grace and St. Paul are in conversations about what our partnership means and how that is defined in our thinking and on paper. These are good discussions, as we are called to discern how we do the mission and ministry of Christ’s Church in our communities. As your pastor, I am also called to walk with you in our mutual ministry. It is the task of pastors to keep the places we serve focused on what is important and how we are led by God through the Holy Scriptures to be the church in our particular time and place. Our culture presents many challenges for the Church, and we trust that God will continue to equip us for ministry and provide the resources and talents we need to do what God calls us to do.

I give thanks for all of you, and for the many gifts you bring to the Lord’s table in time, talents and treasure I give thanks. On June 9 I celebrated 15 years of ordained ministry in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and I thank all of you for the gifts you presented to me:

St. Paul Lutheran pulled off a surprise dinner for MaryLou and me at OIP, and, at first, I wondered what all those St. Paul members were doing eating at OIP on a night when MaryLou and I decided to go out to eat!
Grace Lutheran presented a very nice card and a gift of two goats and a sheep through “God’s Global Barnyard” to be presented to farmers in developing countries. What a wonderful gift!

Thank you for your generosity and your faithfulness!
In Christ’s service,

David M. Byerly