The Vision – September 2016

From Summer Into Fall

Thanks be to God for our congregations and how we have been engaged in our ministries throughout the summer. We have had fruitful meetings and accomplished much in the midst of vacations and other summer activities. Our worship attendance has held steady this summer, and I give thanks for all of you as you faithfully come to worship and hear God’s Word and receive the Holy Sacrament. We have had a fun and successful Sunday School picnic and a very well attended parish picnic (even in the rain!). Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make these events meaningful and fun and delicious!

Now we are moving into our fall activities. Please continue to make an effort to attend worship regularly, even as sports and other activities can clash with our call and mandate to come and worship God and keep the Sabbath holy. We are planning many other ways to be involved in church. Here are some of what will happen: 

A book fair from Augsburg Fortress will be targeted for children ages 0 – 10.
 Sunday School on Thursday will meet on the first Thursday of the month, starting September 1.
 There will be numerous opportunities to learn more about Lutheranism as we move toward the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.
 We will have a study of the proposed social statement on women and justice issues.

Stay tuned for more information as these programs are launched. See you in church!

In Christ’s service,
David M. Byerly Pastor