The Vision – September 2017

Dear friends in Christ,

This month…..I’m going to do something totally crazy. (Some of you are probably thinking that’s not a big change for me, since I usually act a little crazy.) On September 10th, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has a nation-wide celebration known as “God’s Work, Our Hands Sunday.” Churches all over the country do service projects in their community.

The ELCA website says this about God’s Work Our Hands Sunday: “We are a church that rolls up our sleeves and gets to work. Whether your congregation prepares and delivers meals to people rendered homeless to thanking emergency responders, your service activities offer an opportunity for us to explore one of our most basic convictions as Lutherans: that all of life in Jesus Christ – every act of service, in every daily calling, in every corner of life –flows freely from a living, daring confidence in God’s grace.”

So, here comes the crazy part. On Saturday, September 9th, I’m going to do two things. First, I’m going to bake a couple batches of cookies. Second, I’m going to make a sign that says something clever about how God loves you. (I haven’t worked out the wording yet, because I can’t think of anything theological that rhymes with “chocolate chip.”) And then after church on Sunday, I’m going to take these items out of my car. I’m going to set up a table somewhere in Shamokin where there’s a lot of foot traffic, and offer cookies to passers-by and tell them that they are loved by a loving God. And that’s it.

**I dare to believe that God’s love is sometimes spoken best through a baked good.
If you feel like spending an hour or two after church with me, bring a bag lunch and a batch of cookies and an open heart. You don’t have to join me if you don’t want to. But it sure would be fun if you did. I think that telling people about God’s love should have some fun involved. We don’t have to be SO serious, do we?

 If you love this idea, please join me.  If you really do not love this idea, please, PLEASE don’t tell me. Tell the mail carrier or the grocery checkout person or anyone who will listen to you complain about your cookie-loving pastor. (But if they hand you a cookie, you might be complaining too much).  If you love this idea, but can’t come that day, no problem. Maybe bake a batch of cookies for someone who could use a little pick-me-up, or maybe we could try it another day.

You are loved by a loving God. Isn’t that good news?!

Love, peace, and chocolate chips, –Pastor Sarah