The Vision – May 2018

Dear friends in Christ,

I’ve been browsing church hymnals since I can remember.  It’s a sure sign of being a church nerd and it’s possible I’m not the only one who does it.

If you were to browse the front portion of the ELW, you might stumble across the Service for Healing.  It is a very brief service designed to simply offer prayers for wholeness of body and spirit.  We did the service a handful of times when I was in seminary and there was something very powerful about the simplicity of its prayers.

I’d like to do this service on a semi-regular basis.  I’d like to give it a first try on May 20th after service at both churches.  The service itself takes about 20 minutes, so you won’t miss your brunch reservation if this is something that worries you.  You’re invited to come for anything from which you need healing.  Maybe it’s a big medical concern.  Maybe it’s a hangnail that bothers you.  Maybe you’ve been doctoring for years, or maybe you just don’t feel like smiling as much as you used to.  Maybe you worry more than you would like, or maybe your job makes you feel stressed.  Everybody is welcome.  No exceptions.  No restrictions.  I’ll have the prayers printed out for you. And maybe in that 20 minutes or so, we can nurture each other’s souls a little as we pray for wholeness and healing.

Here’s a sample of the main prayer of healing:

Father in heaven, for Jesus’ sake, send your Holy Spirit upon your servant, <your name here!>; drive away all sickness of body and spirit; make whole that which is broken; deliver her/him from the power of evil; and preserve her/him in true faith, to share in the power of Christ’s resurrection and to serve you with all the saints now and evermore.  Amen. 

More than anything else, I know that you are loved by a loving God.  I also know that prayer is a gift from God and it helps.  So if you’d like to attend, you are invited and welcomed. If you don’t want to attend, no pressure, no guilt.

Let’s pray for each other. Let’s love each other.  Let’s be the people of God.

With much love, and occasional sass,

Pastor Sarah

P.S.  I heard that some of you DO read these articles. Thanks!

P.P.S.  Only one person came to claim their newsletter-reading-cash-prize a few months ago.  That was shocking.

P.P.P.S.  If you’ve gotten this far, you might also be a church nerd.  Good thing we’ve got each other.